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58 South Emerson Street
Denver, CO, 80209
United States


Personal Computer Trouble Shooter 4 You


Testimonials from clients, private and contract

Jeff Sorensen
Owner, Sorensen Lawn Care Inc
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Chris has been an invaluable resource for my small business over the past several years, working both on-site and remotely. Most recently, I implemented a mobile app to monitor and communicate with my employees at job sites. Based on his history with my hardware/software, he helped me choose the most appropriate program for my needs. As the system was incorporated, he advised me in delegating training to key employees, and running reports to monitor crews. I appreciate Chris' hands-on advice, both to address immediate needs, and to consider the bigger picture of what will serve my company well."

Bryant Spaeth
Knowledge Manager, Ecolab
St. Paul, Minnesota

"Chris was nothing short of a pleasure to work with. His experience with IT processes - supplemented by his willingness and timeliness in providing quality documentation - proved to be invaluable when creating the support documentation for the IT service desk agents. 

As the Global Knowledge Manager for Ecolab, I partnered with Chris during a large application roll-out for his division to create and maintain documentation for the IT service desk (ITSD). He was very proactive in determining the needs of the ITSD and provided my team with high-quality documentation that we needed to best support the customer. I was particularly pleased with Chris's timeliness and reliability when we needed additional documentation to supplement what was already published. Additionally, he has been very easy to work with and has always maintained a positive attitude."

Kristen Lewis
Contract Project Manager - Donor Engagement
Chicago, IL

"I hired Chris twice. First time was to help set me up on with a business laptop. He went shopping with me and guided me to the best computer for my budget. He set the whole thing up with Windows and Microsoft. Then about a year and a half later I had him do some trouble shooting for me on the same laptop because I downloaded some trojan virus. He then came to my house and set up the printer etc. so I could connect via bluetooth. I highly recommend Chris. He is professional, provides excellent work and is detail oriented. I'm sorry to see him leave Chicago but know he can network into my laptop from where ever he is!"

Patrick Gieser
Supervisor, Service Desk at Ecolab
St. Paul, Minnesota

"Hard working, dedicated, detail orientated and motivated are only a few of the many characteristics Chris brings to the job. Chris is always looking to find ways to improve processes. He is a fantastic trainer and has the ability to speak to all levels of technical ability. The biggest thing that standouts with Chris is his ability to learn. If he doesn't know how to fix something or know how something works, you can bet your bottom dollar he'll have it figured out within a short period of time."