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58 South Emerson Street
Denver, CO, 80209
United States


Personal Computer Trouble Shooter 4 You

Terms & Conditions

In no event shall PCTS4YOU LLC be liable for damages including any special, incidental, or consequential damages. PCTS4YOU LLC shall not be liable for loss of any data while performing data recovery procedures on the hard drive or any drive that contains data. It is the client’s responsibility to backup all data prior to PCTS4YOU LLC begins work with equipment containing your data. All services rendered for fee are final to this agreement between the customer and PCTS4YOU LLC. All new hardware has limited liability if it comes with the product purchase. Hardware purchased for replacement typically does not come with any sort of warranty. Customer shall pay the below mentioned charges upon written agreement during on-site visit or by verbal agreement during phone support calls by PCTS4YOU LLC : 1.service charges 2.pickup and delivery charge 3.charges for preparing an estimate of repair charges 5.hourly labor charges 6.Installation charges 7.cost of any hardware installed. PCTS4YOU LLC reserves the right to collect reasonable attorney fees plus costs if the invoices are not paid within 30 days of the invoice date unless otherwise agreed to in writing by PCTS4YOU LLC. Any items left or not picked up 30 days after notification of service completion will be the property of PCTS4YOU LLC. All payments for on-site service will be paid in full upon service completion. Acceptable methods of payment include cash, check, credit card, or money order (or PayPal, if customer pays service fees). Payments are made to PCTS4YOU LLC. Twenty-five dollars will be taken off the final invoice if customer states they have the machine that goes Ping! Payments for drop-off service shall be made in full at the time of pick-up or delivery of hardware. Items shall not be surrendered until full payment has been made. No exceptions. PCTS4YOU LLC does not allow installments or payment plans. No exceptions. Customer agrees to allow PCTS4YOU LLC to train customer in the safe usage of any process, software, or hardware with the caveat that the customer schedules the training within three calendar days of work completion and agrees that requests for training made after those calendar days will need a new service contract and subsequent payment. Customer assumes all shipping costs, to and from. No exceptions. PCTS4YOU LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone or any organization. The law of the State of Minnesota shall govern this contract. All disputes regarding this contract and its terms shall be brought in any court or legal activity. PCTS4YOU LLC reserves the right to refuse any potential customer for any reason.